Lori Handeland Interview

Today, I’m joined by New York Times Bestselling Author Lori Handeland, the creator of over 40 novels, including The Night Creature Series, The Phoenix Chronicles and Shakespeare Undead.

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Jimmy Diggs Interview

Today, I’m joined by, Jimmy Diggs, the author of nine Star Trek episodes, including one of the most popular episodes of Deep Space 9, “Dr. Bashir, I Presume” and eight Voyager episodes.

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David Gerrold Interview

Today, I’m joined by, David Gerrold, the author of over 50 books, including, “The War Against the Chtorr” series of Science Fiction novels. David is also the author of the most popular episode of the original Star Trek series, “Trouble with Tribbles.”

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William F. Nolan Interview

Today, I’m joined by William F. Nolan, the award winning author of more than 2000 works of Science Fiction, Fantasy, Horror, Western and Mystery. He is perhaps best known as the co-author of Logan’s Run (along with George Clayton Johnson).

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Larry Niven Interview

Hi, I’m Mark O’Bannon. Welcome to this rare look into the secrets of storytelling from published authors. Today, I’m joined by, Larry Niven, the author of Ringworld, the co-author of The Mote in God’s Eye and Lucifer’s Hammer, the editor of the Man-Kzin War series. Larry Niven has written

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Ray Bradbury – A Tribute

One of the greatest lights in the world has gone out: Ray Bradbury passed away.
Why was Ray Bradbury such a great writer? What made his stories so good?

Many writers have struggled with how to turn an average story into a great story. Some read books (like I do), some refuse to study, thinking that tightly organized stories will kill their creativity. Some people quit the quest altogether, thinking that greatness is to be found only in those to whom God has chosen – as if a bolt of lightning flashes down from heaven to strike random people. This is a myth.

To be great, all you need is …

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