Ray Bradbury – A Tribute

One of the greatest lights in the world has gone out: Ray Bradbury passed away.
Why was Ray Bradbury such a great writer? What made his stories so good?

Many writers have struggled with how to turn an average story into a great story. Some read books (like I do), some refuse to study, thinking that tightly organized stories will kill their creativity. Some people quit the quest altogether, thinking that greatness is to be found only in those to whom God has chosen – as if a bolt of lightning flashes down from heaven to strike random people. This is a myth.

To be great, all you need is …

Internet Marketing Basics for Writers


The asteroid has landed.
A dark cloud is rising, blocking out the sunlight. Soon, many of the most common species (literary agents and publishers) will be extinct. How will you survive?

Review – Writing the Breakout Novel Workbook

I actually found this book before I got its companion, “Writing the Breakout Novel.” When I began to read, it said that it was meant as a companion to the other book, so off I went to the bookstore. The first …