Story Development

Story Development
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How to Analyze a StoryHow To Analyze A Story
Gold prospectors spend hours sifting through sand out of a river, looking for little bits of gold. Finding gold nuggets is a matter of patience and luck. But it isn’t as easy for a writer to spot a …

The First 20 PagesThe First 20 Pages
Writing a great story can be a mystery. When a writer compares a movie that cost 200 million dollars to a movie that cost 2 million dollars, it would seem that the more expensive movie would …

How to Fix a StoryHow To Fix A Story –  The Desire Line
You’ve written your story, but something is wrong. You can’t quite put your finger on it, but you know that its a serious problem. How do you know what to fix when a story isn’t working? Imagine taking a …

RewritingRewriting – How Many Times?
Everyone says that “writing is rewriting,” but where does it end? How many times do you need to rewrite a story? Most often, a story is made worse after a rewrite. In fact, a story can become more …

RespectRespect For Your Audience
Have you ever enjoyed a story for a time, only to have your favorite character or a great plot, absolutely ruined by a careless author? One of the most overlooked elements of storytelling is the lack of …


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