Review – Writing the Breakout Novel

Writing the Breakout Novel

Writing the Breakout Novel by Donald Maass

Writing The Breakout Novel
by Donald Maass

If you’re ever looking for a literary agent, you should try to get someone that knows something about how to tell a great story.

Donald Maass (a literary agent) has written one of the finest books on the subject of storytelling. I was amazed to see so many practical techniques for writing in this book.

While simply getting published is the goal of many writers, you need to keep in mind that this is not the end of the story where it comes to seeing your books in print. After your book reaches the store shelves, it must sell. Many authors struggle for years to become popular, but never make it. Why is this so?

The Breakout Novel
When an author’s book becomes wildly popular, when it reaches the bestseller lists, it has broken out.

How is this done?
Writing The Breakout Novel will show you how to develop your writing skills to the place where your stories stop being average and start being great.

Ninety percent of your success as a author depends on how good your writing is.

The most important thing a writer must learn is how to tell a fantastic story. Stop worrying about marketing. Don’t bother trying to meet the “right” person. Forget about networking. Don’t worry about the competition. Don’t be jealous of other writers who seem to be more successful than you are. Stop trying to get the “attention” of an agent. If you can write a fantastic story, getting an agent is easy.

The secret of success as an author is in your own hands. You are not competing against other writers. You are competing against yourself.

How good is your writing?
Writing The Breakout Novel takes you through the steps of writing a great story, from an agent’s point of view. Starting at how to come up with a great story idea and how to develop it, the book then goes into a variety of writing techniques, examining them in a new light.

For instance, o ne of the biggest problems of average stories is that they don’t have enough conflict. One of the secrets of a breakout novel is to put conflict on every page.

Don’t think that you know all there is to writing. If your books haven’t become wildly popular, then you need to go back to the basics and get the story right. This book contains many of the secrets of how to get your book out of the discount pile and onto the bestseller lists.


– Mark O’Bannon

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