Review – Writing a Great Movie

Writing a Great Movie

Writing a Great Movie - One of the Best Books On Writing Techniques

This book isn’t at the top of the stack of popular writing books, but it should be. It’s one of the best books on the subject of storytelling.

Classically trained as a playwright, Jeff Kitchen uses an array of techniques not found in any other book on writing.

Taking the attitude that the writer is responsible for sculpting the minds and attitudes of the audience, this book will show you several techniques for putting together a great story.

Powerful Techniques
Here are a few techniques described in the book:

Dilemma, Crisis, Decision and Action
How to set up a Dilemma, which you can use to heighten the conflict in the story. A great dilemma can be the seed of conflict for an entire story.

Scene, Sequence, Proposition, Plot
How to set up a series of events caused by something that went before it to generate the plot of your story. Your plot will never seem illogical or contrived with this method. One of the secrets is to work through your story backwards.

Research & Brainstorming Techniques
How to conduct research with the 36 Dramatic Situations used in the past by playwrights to generate story ideas.

The Enneagram
This psychological tool can be used to create a set of interesting characters with a natural set of personality traits which you can used to set up personality conflicts.

The Central Proposition
How to set up the Central Proposition, so that your audience always knows what your story is about. This will also keep the writer on track.

Writing A Great Movie
Writing A Great Movie is essential reading for serious writers. You can get it from Jeff Kitchen’s website: or from the Writer’s Store website:

Also, get his video courses!


– Mark O’Bannon

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